Alternative ways to learn times tables...

Learning times tables by the usual 'rote' system hasn't really worked for my kids! So I have looked into other more fun ways, here they are!

- SONGS on times tables on YouTube like this one which worked really well for my daughter! Good for 'auditory' learners

- MIND MAP, draw the times table it is, eg a large number '7' in the middle of a pice of A4, then draw all the times tables in a circle around it in bright colours. This method will suit 'visual learners'

- FABLE STORY book. I think this is a really genius idea, but for some reason it didn't really work with my son...

- BRACELETS with all the times tables written out. Brightminds sell them. 

- A RAINBOW like this one! Might work well for visual learners who like and recall all the colours! Just google 'multiplication rainbow' and print it out. 

- POSTER of times tables, really big, up on the wall

- WOODEN TRAY like this one in the image below, which features little cubes with the answers on the back, available from Amazon for around a tenner.

- FLASH CARDS - make it into a game!

If you have any other ideas for fun ways to learn times tables then please comment below! Lucy x


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