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*NEW* Dog tag necklaces

*NEW* Dog tag necklaces

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I've always loved dog tags! Love ball chains (so pretty!) and the length of these is just right, and a few different words with lovely meanings to choose from!

They look fab when worn with any of my tees. The chain is around 60cm in length. Made of stainless steel. 

Here are the meanings of the words:

  • ELAA - live for now (Finnish)
  • LAGOM - just the right amount / enough /sufficient / just right (Swedish)
  • UBUNTU - a philosophy of humanity & kindness towards others (South African)
  • WABI SABI - embrace imperfections (Japanese)
  • HYGGE - cosiness (danish)
  • SONDER - the realisation that other people have a life as complex & colourful as your own