Delicious recipe for high protein, gluten free and vegan banana pancakes!

If you are looking for a healthy high protein breakfast then you might want to try one of these high protein vegan pancakes, that are also gluten free! Delcious served with berries, and a flat white on the side!

What you need: 

Half a mashed banana

125g of gluten free flour (I like Doves Farm)

250ml of almond milk (or if you are using almond cream then do half cream and half water)

What you do: 

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth. Heat up a non stick frying pan with a little oil. When pan and oil are hot, spoon a ladel of mixture into the pan and move pan around to make it as thin as possible. Leave a few mins until cooked, then toss onto other side. I love my crispy so let it brown a little...

Serve with any fresh fruit, I like with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. To sweeten it further then add maple syrup. 

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