A fab & super healthy breakfast idea!

I have recently discovered bircher muesli and absolutely love it! Super delicious, easy and quick to prepare (no cooking!) and health too! My favourites are by Mindful Chef, and Deliciously Ella
I just add apple juice (any fruit juice will do), and wait for it to soak in a bit... and then any fruit I have lying around... try chopped banana or apple, or any berries or grapes. For more flavour add a sprinkle of cinammon and/or nutmeg, and if you like it sweeter then add a dash of maple syrup! You could also add a dollop of greek yoghurt. 

Its really healthy (and these ones are gluten free!) and filling too. There is no refined sugar, just fruit and oats which stabalise blood sugars. 

Goes perfectly with a coffee too!

Enjoy xx

ps none of my posts are sponsored in any way

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