A ploughmans sandwich, with no bread!

I love a ploughmans sarnie. Really thick sliced fresh bread deep filled with loads of cheese, pickles and lettuce etc. But for a healthier gluten free option why not try making one without the bread! All you need are: large sturdy lettuce leaves (try iceberg or little gem), cheddar cheese (sliced), mustard, mayo and chutney and whatever veg you want, I liked sliced tomatoes or cucumber. All you do is make it like you would, but using the lettuce leaves to hold it all together. Grab one of the salad leaves, spread some mayonaise, then add a layer of sliced cheese, spread over some chutney and then add cucumber /tomato then spread some mustard and keep layering as you wish, finishing with lettuce leaf on the top and there you have it, a healthy gluten free version of the ploughmans! Try adding chopped red onion or spring onions or ham etc. 

Enjoy! Lucy x


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