Allergy specialist recommendations...

So a close family member has the worst allergy to pollen, resulting in horrific hayfever and an oral food allergy (which means they can't eat any raw fruit or veg), and the other day I put out a message on instagram to see if anyone could recommend a specialist for them to see, and I got loads of great suggestions which I thought I would share here in case they are useful for you or a friend. I haven't tried any of them yet but I will be!

Dr Adam Fox: info on Top Doctors

Dr Robert Boyle: info on Top Doctors

Lifecode GX: find them on google they do DNA tests to find out why body is overeacting to allergens

TCM doctosr: google them

 Dr Choy: Nightingale Clinic in Marylebone - Chinese medicine

Natural Doc Kids: Lucinda Miller - Naturopath

The Key clinic: finding the route cause of the issue and treating that with supplements.

Other recommendations included: Acupuncture and switching to to organic or biodynamic foods to reduce allergic reactions.

I will let you know which avenues we try and which ones work .

Lucy x


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