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Amazing bra straps!

I love to wear vest tops but in the past have had a bra conundrum. Is a white or a coloured bra best underneath? White bras are great as you can't see them under light material, but I hate it when white bra straps (which are no longer very white!) are poking out. So I tried to look around for a white bra with coloured straps and they don't seem to exist! (I'd love to start producing them but that's a whole other story!) So I shopped around for bra straps that I could add to a white t-shirt bra and stumbled across these totally amazing ones by Arman Bra Straps, £4 each from Amazon. Neon pink, neon yellow, gold glitter, silver glitter, zebra prints, leopard print, you name it they have the most fantastic range of colours! I now wear a white t-shirt bra I bought from Amazon (this one is fab) and add the straps and instead of trying to hide my old grey bra straps I show these off proudly. Can't recommend them highly enough! 
ps. And they go perfectly under my vest tops! : - )


  • If you definitely can’t conceal them then go for something really fancy!

    Anne Egan
  • Such a great idea. Thank you for recommending. I’m going to try!

  • Oh this is fab!!!! Love it ❤️


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