Amazing ready made vegan meals

These vegan ready made meals by All Plants make me smile. I don't know why exactly.  Perhaps it's because they taste unbelievably good, or perhaps it's because they have beautiful packaging, or because being completely plant based the are ridiculously healthy. I first read about these meals in the Sunday Times Style section a few weeks ago... and thought I'd give them a try. I'm vegetarian rather than vegan, but love the idea of eating a whole meal that's made of veggies only, and what's more, is all ready cooked for you! I am really into Deliciously Ella's healthy eating campaig too but find her recipes bit of a hassle, so was so excited about these that involve no hunting around for obscure ingredients, or any cooking whatsoever. You have to buy a minimum of six and they are on the expensive side, they work out at around £5.29 per person... but they are sOOOOO delicious they are worth it in my opinion. I have stockpiled them in my freezer and when the hubby is out I just bung one in the oven as a present to myself! So I actually have a really healthy meal rather than sitting on the sofa drinking wine and eating a packet of doritos! Being only plant based most of them are low in fat and gluten free too. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Lucy x

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  • Hi there Jo, thanks for your message, sorry about that! They are by All Plants:
    KR Lucy x

    Lucy Dodwell
  • Sorry to be a pain but I can’t see what make these are? When I try to expand the screen it gets too blurred to read. Sorry if I’m being a div and have missed it.


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