If you have back pain and want to find a specialist to help...

Having experienced back pain on and off since the birth of my first child I have been looking recently into getting some help with it! I asked on Instagram for some specialists and these people came back as highly recommended. 
  • Damien Fahy at Fortius
  • Mr Alexander Montgomery: Schoen clinic, London-Professor
  • Arun Ranganathan, London
  • Richard Selway: neurosurgeon at Kings 
  • Mr Stewart Tucker: spinal surgeons specialising in fusions 
  • Naffis Anjarwaller 
  • Kevin O'neill 
  • Mr Spencer Harland 
And also: 
Bowen therapy for pain relief
IDD therapy: Tim Hanwell at Berkhamsted Osteopaths
and physiotherapy to of course!
Hope that might help some of you, Lucy x

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