Hi there, thank you for visiting my site! Just to let you know that there has been a slight delay to the delivery of a few items... so please bear with me if you are still waiting to receive a a vest or a tee, I will get them sent out to you as soon as I can. Please also note that I am waiting for a large delivery of joggers in all sizes and colours... should be here within 1-2 weeks. Thank you for your patience! Lucy xx

Nicest ever decorative lights!

I am very fussy about my fairy lights and these are absolutely gorgeous! Tiny little warm white lights on a very thin copper wire, these are the nicest I've ever managed to find. They are £5.98 from Amazon and operate on batteries. Wrap them round anything from house plants (I put mine round cactuses which look fab!) to wreaths and mantlepieces or put them in vases... they make anything look really cosy and really christmassy! x

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