Change of Instagram handle to: @lucydodwell_london

Hi there, you may have noticed that my instagram handle has recently changed from @lucydodwelldesigns to @lucydodwell_london and this is just to explain the thinking behind that as a few people have asked!

When I first started my instagram account around 9 years ago, I was a very, very small business selling just cards and prints that I designed and printed myself at home. I then started designing sweatshirts and the business took off a bit... I then designed hoodies and tees etc... and then around 5 years ago I started selling joggers. My little business has steadily grown since then, and I have been thinking about changing the name for ages! Having 'designs' on the end of my name I didn't feel was very apt for the fashion industry, more suited to home interiors. I thought of lots of different name options like lucydodwellboutique or lucydodwellclothes or lucydodwellshop etc, but I didn't like the ring to those... so I decided on @lucydodwell_london, which keeps all my options for growing the business open and sounds more 'fashion' orientated.. plus I am only 20 miles from London and go there alot of the time and take much of my inspiration from this brilliant city. Plus when I first decided I would start my own business it was in London, where I loved living for over 12 years. 

I hope you like it! Thanks for your continued support, Lucy xx



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