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Comfiest flip flops ever!

I love flipflops and live in them in soon as the weather is warm enough. They look fab with my joggers, jeans, shorts and skirts! I like Havianas, but I've never found them that comfy! They are too flat for me and they aren't very soft to walk on! Someone recommended these Fitflops and I bought a pair the other day, and they are amazing! They are sooOOo comfy! Comfy on the toes and REALLY comfy underneath. They are liking walking on a mattress! They have a tiny wedge too which I really like... makes the calves appear a bit slimmer and good if you have a bad back! They come in lots of beautiful colours too. I have my eye on a pair of the galaxy ones! Can't recommend them highly enough. 

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  • Hi, just wanted to ask if you will get more tshirts in that have sold out?
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