Dropped your phone down the loo or into the bath? Then read on!

Last night one of my kids accidentally-on-purpose knocked my iPhone out of my hand in to their bath : - ( In all the years I have owned a phone I have somehow managed to avoid dropping it into water and so when I retrieved it from the bottom of the bath I feared the very worst. My brother (who I was on the phone to at the time!) said to immediately submerse it in a large bowl of rice, which I did over night. I also googled the situation and the advice was to surround it with sachets of silica gel - and I managed to find a couple in random places around the house and added them to the rice - and to my absolute astonishment and happiness, my phone is working this morning! So next time you recieve a parcel with silica gel - keep it for when your phone next fancies a dip : - )

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