Everybody needs a holiday!

I'm always pestering my husband to switch off and not work on holiday and it's time I practised what I preach! I am not taking any orders for two weeks over Easter as I really want focus all my energy on my family. My kids are aged 5 and 7 years old and just growing up so fast! Although I LOVE my work, I just want to enjoy them fully. I hope you understand and I am sorry for any inconvenience.

When I was young my father would come on holiday and not do any work the whole week. There was no email in those days and people barely had mobiles and it meant that my father would actually have a proper break without being disturbed by work at all. Today, in comparison, it seems to be the norm to go on holiday armed with phones receiving work emails and even laptops! As a result we never really switch off. I know this 24/7 availability is what is expected but I do not think it's good for one's long term health, everybody needs to just a have a complete break and recharge their batteries! : - )

I hope you have a fabulous easter and I really look forward to taking your orders on my return on 18th April. 

Lucy x


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