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Fed up of seeing sponsored reels on Insta & want to see posts from people

… then read on! If like, me you are fed up of seeing endless sponsored reels from people you don't follow on instagram, then you could try these 2 simple hacks: 1. Open the Instagram app, and tap the Home INSTAGRAM icon. Select FOLLOWING from the drop down menu and your timeline will refresh and this time only display posts from people you actually follow. You will need to do this each time you open the App. 2. If there are accounts in particular that you really want to see posts from (and not miss!) then you could FAVOURITE them. To do this you find the account you want to favourite, then click on FOLLOWING and click on ADD TO FAVOURITES from the drop down menu. The star will then go orange. Then each time you open the Instagram app, click on the Instagram icon and select FAVOURITES from the drop down menu, then you will only see posts from you very favourite accounts! Again you will need to do this every time you open the app.

You can also feed back your thoughts to Insta by clicking on SETTINGS, then HELP, then REPORT A PROBLEM, then GENERAL FEEDBACK.  Hope that helps, Lucy x .
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