Five things that have made me happy this week!

So January is pretty bleak right and it's quite hard to find the sunshine! Here are five things that have put a smile on my face this week...

1) FIT FLOP WELLIES. I got them for christmas and they are just the best wellies EVER! They are super comfy, kind of springy inside, and looks really stylish too! They look so good I would wear them out in London (not just round a muddy field!). Can't recommend them enough...

2) SOUPS!. I have been making a different vegetable soup for lunch every day and not sure why but they have been making me feel happy! I've loved thinking of a different veg to make one with every day, they are really easy to make and super healthy too! I made the following; leek and potato, butternut squash and ginger, chestnut, minestrone and celeriac, I'll do a seperate blog on this next week!

3) HOOVER. I got a new hoover for christmas too and it's incredible! It's super light, cordless and bagless and does a great job! It's called a GTech MK2 and you buy here if interested. A bit of a boring one, but we all need to hoover, and why not use one that doesn't break your back & does a really good job?! I now look forward to this previously tedious task!

4) TRAINERS. I bought a new pair of these trainers from Zara and love them! (Pictured below). Will look so great with all my light coloured joggers. 

5) PARENTING PODCAST. I have been continuing to listen to this amazing Peace and Parenting podcast that I featured here the other day. It really is so good & has empowered me as a parent & is really helping to make our family life more harmonious! I listen to it in the car on the school run which help pass the time in traffic!

Lucy x

Ps none of my posts are sponsored in any way 

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