Gift ideas for you, family and friends!

So just thought I would jot down some ideas for gifts, either for your own wish list, or to buy for friends and family! All have been featured at some point on my blog! (This is not a paid post, just based on my own personal experience!) In no particular order: 
1. An amazing hair conditioner by L'oreal that makes your hair look and feel fabulous!
2. A travelling perfume holder that is really easy to refill and looks fab too! 
3. A gorgeous body moisturiser by REN containing the wonder element magnesium 
4. A blusher and lippy stick in one! Made from all natural ingredients too by Burts Bees.  
5. A lovely foundation by Clarins that gives gorgeous very natural coverage 
6. A wonder balm that seems to be good for every skin condition! 
7. Fab heart shaped sunglasses, just choose your colour! 
8. An amazing concealer by L'oreal that won't break the bank 
9. A vegan cookbook called BOSH with delicious recipes 
10. A hair turban that makes drying your hair so much quicker and easier 
And of course lots of tees and jewellery from my site which will all make fab gifts! Have a wonderful Christmas! Lucy x

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