Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. I'm sorry but my best selling joggers are only available in larger sizes, the smaller sizes are back in a couple of weeks. More sweatshirts are arriving next week...sorry but I can't take pre-orders, but will post on Instagram as everything comes back into stock, thanks! Lucy x ps please also note that I send all my orders out by 1st Class Royal Mail... but they are running with severe delays in some areas because of the pandemic, so please order as soon as you can if you want it in time for Christmas

Got a dog & sick of muddy paws? Then read on...

It's so muddy round here and I'm fed up of the amount of dirt my dog brings in, so have now taken to filling up an old washing up bowl with warm water and putting it by the front door before I take my spaniel out. On our return I plonk each of her feet in it - you wouldn't believe how much mud comes out! I also hang up an old towel on a hook by the door to dry her paws and only then is she allowed back in... I can't tell you much much cleaner my house seems!

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