Green smoothie recipe... that actually tastes nice!

Determined to get the day off to a healthy start, I have tried making many green smoothies over the years... but this is the first one I have made that I don't just like the taste of, I love it! Here is my recipe: 

- a large handful of spinach leaves (not kale! and freeze them to make the smoothie colder and creamier). Spinach is such a good source of minerals and vitamins 

- half a banana (not an over ripe one as these can give the smoothie a funny taste!)

- half a date (or a whole one if like it sweeter, remember to take the stone out!)

- a splash of oat milk

- a splash of apple juice


and BLEND! and that is it! For extra health kicks you could try adding bee pollen (to boost the immune system), a protein powder (try vanilla for extra protein), collagen powder (good for skin and joints), chia seeds (for protein), flax seed powder (antioxidant). 

I love to have mine with a strong coffee and I am set up for the day! Lucy x

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