Handy, affordable & attractive storage!

I always feel like bit of a spring clean and reorganisation and tidy up of the house after Christmas. I love this Kallax unit from Ikea, such a neat storage solution! You can stand it on the floor or hang it on the wall, and it's only £25! Amazing! It's easy to assemble too - if I can do it then anyone can! I have a number of these scattered around the house in various rooms! Ikea do lots of boxes to fit them and the General Trading Company do nice ones too! Why not use it for storing: 

- washed clothes (one shelf per person) in the utility room before taking them upstairs 

- shoes in the hallway (a labelled box in each square for each person)

- toys in the playroom

- pyjamas in the bathroom

- laundry and linen on the landing

- books in the family room

- documents etc in your office

Happy sorting! x 

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