Need to floss your teeth but hate doing it?! Then try this!

I hate flossing using that stringy stuff and sawing between my teeth, it takes such a long time and makes me feel weird, so I just didn't used to bother! And I know it's really important if you want to prevent gum disease (which has now been linked to dementia), so I was on the look out on an easier way of doing it...  And then a dental hygienist told me about electric water flossers! They are like a high pressure water gun that blasts the muck from between your teeth... all you need to do is fill up the water tank with warm water and turn it on, and go around your teeth... it only takes a minute or so and is so effective! If you do it before you brush your teeth then you can see all the bits of gunk coming out and it's rather satisfying! You can buy them from Amazon starting at £49.99. Tips: use warm water if you have sensitive teeth and start on a low setting to begin with it until you get used to it, otherwise you will end up spraying water all around the bathroom like I did! : - ) Now I just need to find a way to whiten my teeth that doesn't involve harsh chemicals and making them more sensitive... any ideas?! Has anyone tried oil pulling with coconut oil? xx

ps none of my posts are sponsored in anyway, just based on personal experience and recommendation! 


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