How I got over my wipe addiction : - )

When my children were small, I developed an obsession with baby wipes! I started off using them on my babies bottoms, but this then spread to wiping the kitchen surfaces, cleaning the bathroom, taking off my make up... I even used them for cleaning shoes, and my car! I then read about the environmental impact of wipes and the fact that most of them are made of plastic and not bio-degradable. If you watched the BBC's brilliant documentary on plastics last night with Hugh & Anita you will have seen the scale of the wipe crisis in the UK.


So how did I break my addiction? It wasn't easy, I tell you! I had come to heavily depend on them for all manners of things. I now use kitchen roll instead of wipes, for pretty much everything, and a recyclable one, which you can buy from any big supermarket. I just spray the surface with either water or a heavily diluted ecologically friendly cleaning product (I like Method or Ecover) and wipe with kitchen roll, then throw the kitchen roll in the paper recycling - and it seems to work just as well! And is so much easier on the conscience!


If you really can't kick the habit, then there are ecologically friendly wipe options out there that are bio-degradable... Amazon have their own brand of 'Mama Bear Ultra Wipes', and there is a brand called 'Mum & You' who also do them, and 'Rawganic' do them too. For biodegradable cleaning wipes you could try 'Ecozone'. You can also buy biodegradable nappies now too - try 'Beaming Baby' or 'Bamboo Nature' (the latter also do biodegradable tooth brushes) Talking of biodegradable single use plastic, it occurred to me the other day that poo bags must be a big problem, and I did a quick search on Amazon and found that there a bio degradable options out there... including 'Scot-Petshop' & 'Yingdelai' and 'Pogi's'. 
If you haven't seen the War on Plastic documentary then I highly recommend it! It's so interesting and enlightening, and done in an entertaining (not to preachery!) way! If we all do our little bit and use a little less plastic, it will make a massive difference to the planet!
Lucy x

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