Delicious meals at home with the help of the Mindful Chef...

Fed up of your cooking? Or having the same meals all the time? And  never having any of the right ingredients?! Then you could try the Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef is a health-focused food box delivery service. 

It's like eating out, but at home! Choose the recipes you like and with the click of a button they will arrive on your door step on the date of your choice. No trip to the shops required, or shopping lists etc...really easy to make in easy to follow steps and healthy too!

These meals are so delicious, they really are a highlight of my day and something to really look forward too. I think their Asian recipes in particular are spectacular! My favourites are the edamame and chickpea coconut curry, the spicy tofu bibimap with rainbow chard and the nasi goreng with ginger tempeh. They are a bit more expensive than sorting the ingredients yourself but I think totally worth it...  every meal is like eating at a top restaurant! 

Really worth thinking about if you have a particularly busy week planned, or just recovering from illness, or are in isolation etc, as it all just arrives at your front door, all you have to do is unpack and cook!

Enjoy! Lucy x

ps none of my posts are sponsored in anyway 

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