How to make the perfect gin & tonic...

I love a gin & tonic, and in the summer especially. Here are tips on how I make mine, and it's absolutely delicious! 

- I like to use Bombay sapphire gin: just think it has the perfect combination of botanicals

- I like Fever Pitch mediterranean tonic. I love the slighly zesty flavour of this one

- I like to use glass bottles of tonic water. They are fizzier than the plastic bottles or cans!

- Make sure you use a ton of ice, I use around 7 cubes in mine. I make my own ice, I don't like the bought bags as it tends to be largely crushed ice and this can make the drink too watery. 

- I always keep my gin in the freezer. Being high in alcohol content it doens't freeze but is just deliciously cold. If the gin is room temperature then as soon as you put ice in it the ice will melt making it immediately watery. This is probably my most important tip!

- Make sure the tonic water is ice cold when serving. I tend to put mine in the freezer for 10 mins before serving. Again if you use tonic at room temperature then the ice immediataely melts making the drink watery. 

- I use the grated zest of a lemon or lime, or both. Rather than squeezing the juice, the rind has much a much stronger flavour! I use the zest of half a lemon or lime, either by grating it or peeling it with a peeler. or a I have hand held shredder sort of thing, not sure what it's called! This is also a very important tip!

- I like to taste the gin! So I always have a double shot, rather than a single, with one little bottle of tonic.

- I like to use a couple of basil leaves in mine... 

- I put the zest / ringd in first. Then a couple of basil leaves. Then the ice. Then pour in the ice cold gin. Then add the ice cold tonic. Stir. 

- Don't forget to stir as otherwise all the gin will be at the bottom and you won't be able to taste it!

ENJOY!! xx


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