How to make the perfect Negroni...

Everyone loves a negroni: bitter, but also sweet, with strong herb undertones and orange laced within... the perfect aperitif!

As my Negroni tee has been so popular I thought I would add a little blog post on how to make the perfect one! 

The basic makeup of a Negroni is one part gin, one part Campari, and one part sweet vermouth, here is the recipe we use:

Additional things you can do to make it even better: 

- serve in really lovely good quality (expensive!) tumblers

- use good quality spirits, particularly a good strong gin!!

- remember vermouth is a wine and needs to be stored in the fridge

- put the glasses in the freezer to make them really cold before you use them

- grate in some orange peel at the end for some extra zing, perhaps even a slice of fresh chilli too!

- as it's quite bitter, try serving with salty nibbles such as olives, nuts, charcuterie or crisps

Lucy x

ps be wary though, these drinks are extremely strong and very lethal!

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