How to give your mind a spring clean!

All our minds (like my house!) need a good tidy up and declutter every now and again to leave space for new thoughts, hopefully happier more positive ones! Say goodbye to old worries that have been lying around for ages and chuck them out! They are normally useless and serve no purpose other than causing you misery anyway! So how to do it? Below are some tips...
Tips for decluttering your mind: 
- TIDY UP YOUR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: clutter in your home or work space bombards the mind with excessive stimuli which forces the brain to work harder than it need to! And it also signals to the brain that there is always something else that needs to be done!
- WRITE IT DOWN: you don't need to keep everything stored in your brain - make lists! I find it really satisfying when I get to tick off my list the things I have done!
- LET GO OF THE PAST - stop going over and over old worries
- STOP MULTI-TASKING - reduce the amount of tabs open in your brain! Think about the effect it has on your computer - it makes it run slowly and even crash!
- LIMIT INFORMATION coming in, especially from social media etc - it's quality not quantity!
- BE DECISIVE - if you put off making decisions, your brain will soon be overflowing with all the decisions you need to make
- PRIORITISE: write a to do list with the things that most urgent at the top and do them first. 
- SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: it can help you look at things more clearly if you talk to a friend or colleague about them.
- EXERCISE!! It will really help get the blood flowing, bring oxygen to your brain cells and help you focus on what is important!
- MEDITATE: learn to focus the mind completely on the present moment. When you learn how to place all your attention on one thing, such as your breath or the state of your muscles, all other thoughts disappear. 
Lucy x

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