If you ever lose your mobile phone...

I have never lost my mobile phone before, not in almost 20 years! Well until yesterday, when I dropped in the skate park in Great Missenden, not realising until an hour later. I rushed back, to find it had gone. Complete panic and palpitations! Then a young boy who was playing tennis next door to the park shouted over that some people had found it on the grass and were trying to contact me! I could have hugged them and danced for joy! And amazingly, they had handed in the phone to the local pub and rang the last number on my phone, my brother, to tell them what they had done with it. It was only because I don't lock my phone that they were able to call from it and locate who I was... but it occurred to me that most people DO (very sensibly!) lock their phones, so were they to lose it, there would be no way of contacting them! So I'm recommending to friends and family that if you lock your phone, make sure that there is some way of people contacting you in case you lose it! Perhaps write your home number or email address with a sharpie on the back! Anyway, thanks so much to those very kind and honest boys, I know I'm very lucky! Lucy x

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  • This happened to me last year when i was walking in the Forest of Dean, i dropped my phone unknowingly, on my way home i realised it was not with me, promptly turned arround to retrace my steps but to not find it , fourtnatly another wonderful walker picked it up , my phone was locked so no way of using it , how he found me ….as luck would have it , one of my clients hairdresser) daughters text me for an appointment, her number was not in my phone book and showed up on the screen of my phone as a number , which enabled him to call her and then get a message to me …. i will be eternally greatfull to him as are you , it restores ones faith in human nature ….. love your handy hints Lucy.

    ruth talbot

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