Join It's Time: A Festival of Climate Action!

Want to plant a tree today (for free!) to help curb climate change? Then register for this 2 day (FREE!) online Climate Change event on 17-18th November 2020 - It's Time: A Festival of Climate Action. For every registration made, a tree will be planted!

As you might know, my little business is now carbon neutral. I pay a subscription to Ecologi (who are hosting the event) to enable 48 trees to be planted every month. Although carbon offsetting is not the definitive answer to curbing global warming, being responsible for more trees being planted in the world can only be a good thing! The event is in collaboration with the WWF, and will feature 100 leading climate change broadcasters, from all over the world. The event is being opened by the HRH Prince of Wales. So if you get a minute, do a good deed today and please head over to and sign up and you will plant a tree! Thank you xx

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