Love this natural toner!

Having spent a large part of my life being sucked into thinking that the more expensive a product is, and the more complex ingredients it has, the better it is... but now I'm coming to the conclusion that less might be more after all (in life in general, but that's a blog for another time!). I am beginning to suspect that it's much better for the human body to be exposed to as few chemicals as possible. I have very dry but also oily (!) skin, and do like to use a toner on my face... and have tried a number of relatively expensive ones over the years. The other day I happened to stumble across this very pure and simple rose water toner and I love it, my skin has never been better! It's made from rose petals soaked in distilled water, and that's it! It smells heavenly and is only £3.95! Available from most health food stores and here.


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