Love this recycled glass cup from Starbucks!

I am obsessed with drinking lots of water at the moment! Having suffered with headaches most of my life, I have what I have found helps (and generally makes me feel better) is water, and MASSES of it! I discovered this amazing mint-green cold cup in Starbucks and love it! I take it everywhere with me and it fits in my car drinks holder perfectly! Every time I go anywhere in the car, whether it be the supermarket or the school run, I try to drink a full glass of it. Being made of glass it doesn't taint the water and make it taste funny like plastic does. Whats more it's made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass so good for the environment too! There is something really easy about drinking from a straw.. it has really inspired me to drink more water, so well worth a try if you want to also! Not available online, you need to go to a Starbucks shop, I got mine from Henley, they are £9.95. You can buy them from Amazon but they are extortionate! (£28.99). 

Happy water drinking! Lucy x

ps not an ad just love it!

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