Love this super healthy meal!

This is so easy to do, so healthy and really delicious! It's also really cheap! : - ) I have it most days for lunch. Because it's full of protein it really keeps you full up until your next meal... so often I find myself starving and snacking at 4pm, but not after a plate of this!

What you need: 

- can of any beans such as cannellini, kidney beans or chickpeas

- drizzle of garlic oil

- drizzle of chilli oil

- drizzle of Encona spicy sauce (see blog), lots if you like it really spicy like me!

- pinch of sea salt and black pepper

- bunch of rocket or other salad leaves with a light salad dressing (I love balsamic glaze and olive oil)

- dollop of greek yoghurt (I like yeo valley as it contains live bacteria)

- couple of chopped spring onions

- ripe avocado

What you do: 

Bung the beans in an oven proof dish. Drizzle over the oils and spicy sauce and seasoning and put in the oven to heat up for 10 mins or so. Serve on a plate with chopped avocado, a dollop of yoghurt, a handful of leaves drizzled with vinagrette and scatter over the chopped onions, and enjoy!


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