Love this 70's retro look from Sweaty Betty!

I went to the Sweaty Betty store in Marlow a few days ago to buy a new skiing coat with my Christmas money... and came out with this jacket (not waterproof or even remotely practical and DEFINITELY unsuitable for skiing!) and these trousers... and I absolutely LOVE them! So much though (and it's sad I know) but I could barely sleep for 2 nights I was so excited about them... there is something about colours / clothes / style that really affects my inner being, in a good way! I don't usually wear red, as I don't really like it as a colour, but I LOVE it with this light dusty pink! Love the clashing contrast of the colours! So 70's retro! My mum questioned whether it was very 'me' - probably because live in grey clothes (with little splashes of colour), and perhaps it's not, but I think it feels good to wear things outside of our comfort zone every now and again! I love clothes that are a bit different and edgy, and think the new 'urban wear' range by Sweaty Betty is just fab. I absolutely love their gym wear too, but I am not a gym goer, so there is not much point in me buying it... but their more casual range I just adore.  It is expensive but I tell myself the quality is good which just about makes up for it! My new grey star sweatshirt goes really well with this outfit, as does my grey star vest and my silver star sweats too! : - ) xx

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