Love the theory that there are lots of different types of intelligence!

I love the theory that there are multiple types of intelligence. The education system tends to concentrate so heavily on how good a child is at reading, writing & maths that if you are someone (or have a kid) who does not excel in these areas, you (they) might be made to feel a bit inadequate sometimes. Which is why this theory is so fabulous! It is based on the idea that there are 8 different types of intelligence, all of which should be celebrated!
They are: 
1. Visual - Spatial intelligence: that is being good at visualising things such as maps, charts videos and pictures. Someone who is strong in this area might be an architect, artist, graphic designer, photographer or engineer.
2. Linguistic - Verbal intelligence: that is being good at words, language and writing. Someone strong in this area might be a good journalist, lawyer or teacher. 
3. Logical - Mathematical intelligence: that is good at analysing problems and mathematical problems. If this is your strength then you might make a good scientist, mathematician, computer programmer, engineer or accountant. 
4. Bodily - Kinesthetic Intelligence: being good at physical movement and motor control. Potential career choices might be being a dancer, sports player or actor. 
5. Musical intelligence - being good at music: so if this is your strength you might consider a career in it. 
6. Interpersonal intelligence: understanding and relating to other people. I personally think that this is one of the greatest but most underrated skills you can have! Being able read other people's emotions - and respond to them in the right way - will always stand you in good stead. Let me give an example, If 2 people go to a job interview to join a team of accountants, and one is extremely strong at maths but has weak interpersonal skills, and the other is slightly weaker at maths but is excellent at relating to other people and is obviously going to get on with others on a team then they are more likely to be chosen for the job. If you can relate to others then you are also likely to be have good friends and be close to your family (which often means you will be happier). Good career choices might include being a psychologist, philosopher, counsellor, nurse, manager, diplomat or politician. 
7. Intra- personal intelligence: that is being aware of themselves, mind and body - in particular their health and state of mind. Another really important type of intelligence:  being good at looking after yourself is so important, your health is your wealth. 
8. Naturalistic intelligence: being good at finding patterns and relationships in nature. This is a new form of intelligence, but one that is becoming increasingly important in this age of climate change and focus on the environment and the nature around us. Potential career choices might include being a biologist, conservationist, gardener, farmer, ecologist or environmentalist. 
I recently explained this theory to one of my kids that slightly struggles academically at school, and I went through each of the intelligences, and in particular highlighting the ones they were really good at (spatial / music / nature / interpersonal) and their face completely lit up at the realisation of all the things that they were good at that hadn't really been recognised properly before!
It's not that we only have one type or two or three types of intelligence, it's more that we all have them all, but are stronger in some areas than others, and it's not to say that this won't change over time either! Anyway, I love this theory and I love that it lit up my child's face. We now have a print out of it on the fridge door at home. A child's self esteem is at the heart of everything they do. xx

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