Loving my Riverford deliveries...

Each week I look forward to a gorgeous delivery of fresh, organic fruit and veg from Riverford. I'd go as far as saying it's a highlight of the week! I know that Riverford have been around a while, but for one reason or another I have just got into them. I think it was a desire to eat more organic fruit and veg, and just expose my family and myself to less chemicals, where possible. I can choose what I want to have delivered and it changes slightly each week. I get a vegetable box, a salad box and a meat box. (I am actually veggie, but the rest of the family eat meat.) This week I received peppers, lettuce and a cucumber in the salad box, and onions, leeks, butternut squash, sprouts, potatoes and tomotoes in the veg box, and chicken breast, mince and sausages in the meat box. What I love about it is that it saves me travelling to the shops, which I used to most days (because I wasn't very organised!)... and now there is always a source of fruit and veg that I know contains no nasty chemicals. It's also really fun coming up with different ways to cook veg, like butternut squash that I wouldn't usually buy! I have been loving butternut squash roasted, in a salad. Having just received the delivery this morning which contained both leeks and potatoes, I decided to make a leek and potato soup, a recipe which you can find here, which I wouldn't have done otherwise and probably wolfed down a cheese sandwich instead!

I really enjoy receiving these and they add a little sunshine to my week, and save me alot of time too! Also I feel better knowing that these fruit and veg have been organically grown, I really recommend it! 

Lucy x

ps this is not an ad!

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