How to make a dog's life a bit more interesting...

I have a cocker spaniel called Isla, I adore her to bits... she's lovely, albeit a bit bonkers! Other than going for a walk she sits and watches me rush about the house and without wishing to be too anthropomorphic about it, I worry that she must be so bored! So been thinking of things to make her life a little more interesting... here are a few ideas for spicing up a dogs life a bit! Much like our life, but even more so as there isn't much else going on, a dog's life is all about its food, and they pretty much wait around for it all day... and then it's over in around 3 seconds and they have to wait another 12 hours for it! So the following ideas are all food related! 

- Feed them a meal via a slow feeder instead of a bowl, it will make it last a bit longer!

- Scatter their meal around it around the lawn so they have to find it

- Put their meal in a Kong if its in a pouch, or if dry kibble then add water and wait until it's wet enough to squash it in

- Put dry kibble meals in a wobbly kong dispense feeder

- Give your dog a chewy rawhide ring to gnaw on, not only keeps them entertained but good for the digestion and teeth too!

- Fill up a Kong with a bit of peanut butter (not too much as very calorific!) or Kong filler and your dog will try to lick it out for hours!

- Make a doggy lolly! Fill up a Kong with moistened kibble (as above) and put it in the freezer until frozen. 

- Give your dog an ice cube! This amuses my spaniel for a while...

- Smear peanut butter or marmite on a rope toy.

If you have any other tips for keeping your dog entertained please list them below! Thanks, Lucy x



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