Massively into slow cooking

Slow cooking really has changed my life! It's so easy, you just bung all the ingredients in one pot, turn it on, go out and leave it for hours and it's ready when you want it! I put on a bolognese, curry or stew at lunch time and it's ready for the kids when they get in from school, and still ready for hubby and me later! And just one pot to wash up and because you don't need to fry anything, there is less fat too! Plus, because the food is cooked slowly it retains more it's nutritional value, and it has a great depth of flavour plus it's weirdly satisfying! I'll be putting up some recipes shortly.

They are really cheap to buy too - I got a Morphy Richards for £23 from Amazon and it's great! (The outside of it does get very hot so if you have very young kids with straying paws you might want to get a slightly different one, I hear that Crock Pots are excellent!)

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