My Makes Everything Taste Amazing Asian dressing!

I use this Asian dressing on everything from salads to stirfries. Drizzle it over rice, over noodles, over fried meat or vegetables, over edamame beans, or I love it over a salad or grated cabbage & carrot for an Asian slow. It's also super easy and quick to make!

What you need: 

soya sauce (I like Tamari as it's gluten free)

toasted sesame oil

 juice from fresh limes (or lemons)

maple syrup (or golden syrup or honey)

What you do: 

In around equal measures (you don't have to be too exact which is the great thing!) add all the above into a jug/jar and mix, and that's it! For 2 people I would use around 2 tablespoons of all the above. 

You don't have to measure the ingredients too carefully, it's to taste really and will be delicious whatever you do! Here are some variations you could try too: 

- for more kick add tabasco or fresh chilli

- add fresh ginger

- add fresh garlic

- add a dollop of peanut butter

- add sesame seeds

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