My top 5 favourite children's books

My daughters school were celebrating World Book Day yesterday and I went in to read my favourite children's picture books to the kids and it reminded me how much I totally love these picture books! To my surprise not many of the children had read them, so thought I would list them here in case your kids might like them too!

1. The Terrible Plop - this is just my favourite picture book ever! It's a fab story about the mystery of what's causing a big splash in a lake (an apple!), beautifully illustrated and because it rhymes it's also a joy to read! Love it. The kids did too!

2. The Journey Home - this is SUCH a beautiful book and I LOVE it's very strong conservation message about animals losing their natural habitat's and it's beautifully illustrated and just a joy to look at and read. 

3. Mole and Baby Bird - this is such a lovely book. A very simple story about a little boy that finds an injured baby bird who he eventually sets free. It's also beautifully illustrated. 

4. The Diamond in the snow - again a simple story beautifully illustrated about a mole that finds an icicle that he thinks is a diamond... (all the books in this series are lovely)

5. Katie and the sunflowers - this is a bit different to the books above, but I love it! It's about a little girl that gets lost (literally!) in various beautiful paintings!

I hope that if you have kids and haven't read these that you might enjoy them together. If you have any fab books that you think people might not have read please post below! Thanks, Lucy x 


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