My top four sleep tips

I've been noticing alot of people talking about how badly they sleep, and seen comments recently on social media about insomnia. Having suffered with it in the past for a number of years, and knowing how debilitating a bad nights sleep can be, I thought it might help you to know my top four sleep tips. 

MAGNESIUM: I swear by this stuff. I take 2 capsules before bed every night. I use this one. (Best to check that magnesium doesn't impact any of your existing medications if you are on any before taking this). 

WHITE NOISE: I play white noise all night. In the summer I use a fan, in the winter I play it on my phone via an app called White noise. You can download it for free and choose from different sorts of white noise! I like the bathroom fan....

EYE MASK: I wear an eye mask every night. It just helps to keep your eyes shut, and block any light out. I like the Sara Milller ones the best, they are super soft and fit just right around the head and don't slip off. 

LEARN TO SWITCH OFF YOUR THOUGHTS: okay so this one is a bit trickier and can't be bought from the internet! It also takes quite a lot of training, but if I can learn to do it then so can you! If you wake in the night, rather than letting thoughts come flooding into your brain and keeping your brain whirring, you need to keep the thoughts out until the morning. I have written more about how to do this here

I hope that some of these might help you sleep a bit better too. 

Lucy x

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