Never get caught short again!

Some friends and I were talking about this the other day after one of their kids forgot to put their pants on before school.... why not keep an SOS bag in the back of the car containing all the essentials you might ever need for the kids and yourself!


Here is a list I have come up with, choose whichever are relevant to you!

- First aid kit
- Calpol (sachets v convenient for the car!) / Paracetemol
- Antihistamine
- Wipes
- Sick bags
- Travel sweets / packet of Mentos etc for traffic jams etc!
- Rubbish bag
- Tissues
- Spare pair of pants
- Spare pair of trousers / joggers
- Spare top
- Spare socks
- Towel
- Wrapping up paper, cellotape and scissors for when you forget a birthday
- Birthday card
- Bottle of water
- Make up: cover up / eyeliner / blusher
- Tooth brush
- Mints
- Contact lenses (if appropriate)
- Stamps
- Phone charger
- Pen knife
- Bottle opener
- Screw driver
- Pen and paper
- Hairbrush
- Hair ties
- Nail file
- Change for parking
- Sanitary protection
- High vis coat incase you break down
- Umbrella
You could keep it all in one of my jute shoppers! : - )
Anything else you can think of? Post it below!

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