My fave cleaning products brand

If you want to try and live a more sustainable life and reduce plastic waste in your home, then please check out The Bower Collective, who produce eco-friendly cleaning products for you and your home. All their products are as low carbon as possible, ethically produced, non toxic, chemical free, plant based and not tested on animals. (I used to use Method / Ecover products, but have stopped since I discovered they were bought out by a US company that openly tests on animals).

I recently ordered their multi-surface cleaner and I love it! Smells good and unlike some other eco-friendly products on the market, it does a really good job too! I used it on my kitchen surfaces and they have never looked so clean!

Sustainability is at the heart of the Bower mission and the aim of their products is to reduce waste, specifically plastic waste. You can buy their products as a one off, or subscribe and have them delivered to your door regularly. 

I can't recommend them highly enough!

Lucy x

ps my posts are not sponsored in anyway.

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