Online board games.. another way to entertain the kids, or yourself!

Online board games have been a total saving grace in our family so far in this lockdown! My parents wanted to see if there was anyway that they could help amuse the kids in some way.... in the last lockdown, they used to do a quiz almost daily, and while they still enjoy these, we wanted to see if there was something different they could do. So we researched whether there were any board game apps that might work for the kids to play with their grandparents remotely, and the answer is yes, there are lots and some are completely FAB! The greatest hits in our house have been CHESS - the app is: and SCRABBLE, the app is: The kids play with their grandparents for at least an hour after home schooling every day. They play on their iPAD and I think this is the key: they have a phone on at same time, so they can talk to their grandparents at the same time about moves, but also chat about the day. What I've been amazed and so nicely surprised at, is how natural it has been... they play the game and just chat away like my parents are in the room! And I chip in occasionally too, it's so lovely! The kids (and grandparents!) absolutely love it, keeps them entertained so I can get on with work or cooking their dinner etc , and they spend 'time' with grandparents, plus these games are kind of educational too! I can't tell you what a game changer this has been for our family... well worth a try! Lucy x

nb. obviously keep an eye out on the app and your child as some of them have chat facilities etc so ensure they are internet safe



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