Really easy & delicious (& a bit cheaty) fish pie 🐠

For those of you that think fish pie is a fiddle! This is sooOOO easy and takes around 5 mins to make! A few of the steps are slightly cheating but no-one will know!

Serves 2

What you need: 

a fish pie mix, I buy mine from the co-op and it consists of ready sliced salmon, mackerel and cod. Most supermarkets do a similar mix. 

a packet of ready made mashed potato. (This is not as bad as it sounds! The ingredients are usually only potato, milk, butter and salt and pepper)

2 eggs, hard boiled

a pack of spinach leaves

a 300 ml pot of double cream

1/2 a pack of grated cheddar cheese

What you do: 

Put the diced mixed fish in the bottom of an oven proof dish. Quarter the eggs and add to the dish with the fish. Heat the double cream through in a pan with the grated cheddar until the cheese melts and it thickens a bit. Season well. Pour it over the fish. Sprinkle over the spinach leaves. Spread over the mashed potato. Heat through until the fish is cooked, usually takes around 30 mins at 180 degrees celcius. And that's it!!!! Enjoy xx


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