Reasons to still be cheerful... 😁

With the current corona crisis going on, and holidays and events (and anything fun it seems!) being cancelled and the imminent threat of a complete lockdown, it won't be surprising if you are feeling a bit blue, so I thought I would try to think of any silver linings in the collosal Corona cloud... written mainly to cheer up myself up! Hopefully it might lift your spirits a bit too... 
- a vaccine has already been created and is already being trialled in the US
- a virus does NOT want to kill you - it's not in its interest! It just wants to use you as a replicating machine and then move on... 
- as the number of cases is thought to be ALOT higher that those reported, it means the mortality rate of the virus is LOWER than we think
- think of all the money have saved on cancelled holidays and events...
- you can still do online shopping, for clothes or food! (though book slots now for food as they are going fast). Why not try a bit of retail therapy and buy some new clothes! : -)

- the days are getting longer it’s not dark until 6.30pm and that it’s only going to get better! And it's earlier in the mornings too, easier to get up!

- the weather is going to get better and it’s going to be sunnier and warmer and this will definitely lift the spirits!

- indulge in something you wouldn't normally, it might cheer you up! That bar of chocolate, that glass of wine, that bag of crisps...

- we can still enjoy the countryside and go for nice walks, runs and bike rides etc

- soon we can leave the house without a zillion layers and wellies! It will be nice to go for a walk without being knee deep in mud...

- indulge in good food...cook lots and bake! 

- you my actually gain time! If you are self isolating, or working from home and therefore not commuting and generally running around, you are going to have a lot more time than you usually would to do things you have always wanted to do: spend more time with precious family // bake that cake or recipe you never got round to // do some gardening, plant some bulbs or seeds and watch them grow! // make or finish that DIY project // watch that movie or box set... // paint, interiors or a work of art! // write a book! // read a book.. // solve a puzzle // exercise your mind: do crosswords, suduko, word searches play games with your family // play an instrument // learn a language online! // spring clean // sort out all your family photos, perhaps put in an album! // clean out a cupboard, room or the garage! // work out... whether its a fitness video or weight training! // meditate // practise yoga or pilates // ring a friend you have wanted to speak for ages // do something crafty...knit, sew // make something! // spend more time dreaming on social media! // 

- as a result of less people travelling short and long distances and plane journeys being cancelled, our carbon production will have gone down, helping the environment and therefore climate change.

- because people's skiing holidays have been cancelled, now is the perfect time to buy a new jacket or trousers (or any ski equipment!) at vastly reduced prices! : -)

- enjoy not being a ‘rat’ in the rat race for while... and just generally make the most of taking your foot off the pedal a bit... recharge the batteries by not doing too much and not rushing around

- this might be an important lesson of things to come.. and how to react in future when and if there is another (potentially even more serious) pandemic

- we might learn from this that the mass long distance transportation of people and goods has to change. It is not good for the environment and helps the transmission of viruses. We might realise that we need to be a bit more self sufficient and try to grow more of our own veggies... and rely on our villages and towns a bit more... open village shops again and have more of a community spirit... and try to produce more goods within our own countries. This will massive help with climate change too...

- hug your dog! It's not believed that dogs can get the corona virus.

It will pass...and remember, we are all in together. There's no them and us (like in brexit which was so divisive)... this might bring everyone together a bit more and create bit more of a community spirit.

And of course there are still conversations, relationships, love, reading, songs and hope. 

If you have any more tips on how to remain cheerful then would love to hear them below!

Lucy xx 


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  • Thank you so much, your comments really put a smile on my face 😘

    Samantha Curtis

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