Squat like your ancestors for a healthier bowel!

I first posted this a year or so ago, but Chris Evans was raving about the 'squatty potty' on his show this morning, so I thought I would repost it! If you have ever been travelling, then you have most probably had to use a squat toilet... and I know most people love the comfort of a western toilet, but apparently the squatting position is so much natural for us and the bowel feels like it's being emptied more effectively (and this has been proven to be the case)... after all, we have not evolved to sit up right on a toilet at 90 degrees! We evolved to squat! So I was thinking about this other day and even having a porcelain squat toilet installed in the house (much to my husband's disapproval!) when I discovered the joy of a squatty potty. You put it under your feet whilst on the loo, and it effectively (near enough) puts your body in a squat position! I absolutely swear by it! You can buy one from here, or alternatively use anything to put your feet on that lifts them up by around 9 inches, perhaps a box or a kids step etc. It's also proven to help with irritable bowel, irritable bladder, constipation, bloating and haemorrhoids. Why not give it a try! x

Nb none of my posts are paid or sponsored! :-)

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