Super easy & delicous light lunch, starter or side dish...

This takes 2 minutes to prepare and tastes absolutely delicious: roasted pepper with chopped tomotoes... and is perfect as a side dish, starter or light lunch...

All you need is a whole pepper, some tomatoes and some garlic oil! And all you need to do is half the pepper, take out the seeds, chop the tomoatoes up (any tomotoes you have lying around will do!) and put them in the pepper halves, drizzle some olive oil (or I like garlic oil), and roast in the oven until soft and going slightly charred, around 30 minutes, and that's it!


- you could add some herbs like basil or chives

- you could add some chopped garlic for a fuller flavour

- you could add a sprinkle of sugar for some sweetness

- you could add chopped olives and mozzarella and make it into a sort of breadless pizza!

- you could add anchovies for a salty kick....

try serving with a zesty green salad and a nice glass of chilled sauvignon.

Enjoy! Lucy x

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