The easiest lunch: leek & potato soup!

If you are looking for a quick and easy, but delicious and healthy meal for all the family then you could try this soup!  It also involves a very small number of ingredients that you might already have in your cupboard, and is very cheap to make too!
What you need: 
1 stock cube (I like Knorr as they are gluten free)
1 onion (not a necessity but does add extra flavour!), chopped
1 leek (or more if you like!)
2 medium sized potatoes, peeled
What you do: 
Simply add all the ingredients into a pan, and add boiling water to cover (I never bother measuring the water, I just cover the ingredients and add more if necessary), and simmer until the vegetables are soft... then blend, and season, and that's it! You can add in a drop of cream at the end if you like too...
I know alot of my posts have been about food recently, but it's something that we can all enjoy, even in lockdown (when most things have been cancelled or prohibited!). Lucy x

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