The easiest most delicious pud ever!

I always like to keep a pack of meringues in the cupboard as they have a long shelf life and come in so handy if you have people for a last minute meal and want to do an easy but delicious pudding. The other day I put this together from scratch in around two minutes after the main course and served it up one short conversation later!

Serves 4


Pack of 4 meringues (about 1 per person) or a ready made pavlova

Tin of condensed caramel (also a really long shelf life to handy to keep in the cupboard!)

Pot of natural yoghurt or whipped cream

3 bananas


Roughly crush up the meringues into chunks on a large plate. Drizzle / spread over the condensed caramel. Top with yoghurt or whipped cream (or a mixture of the two) and sprinkle over the sliced bananas and serve!

As an alternative, leave out the condensed caramel and just top with yoghurt and fruit of any sort, tropical fruits go really well, or red fruits in the summer!


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