Ridiculously easy curried sweet potato soup

Like you I'm sure, I don't have time to follow laborious recipes with ingredients that are impossible to find. This one is unbelievably easy and delicious, and doesn't involve any weighing etc! Sweet potatoes are delicious and cheap to buy and are also very good for you, being very in vitamin A, and also vitamin C and B6.

Perfect for mid week lunches on the go (I make a large batch and have over a few days) or with friends (serve with cheese and biscuits!)


What you need: 

2 x large sweet potatoes (or buy them already chopped up or in frozen chunks)

1 x stock cube - I like Knorr vegetable (also gluten free)

1 x dessert spoon medium curry powder

1/2 tin of coconut milk

1x lime (I keep lime juice in the cupboard)

A hand blender (or magimix etc)

What you do: 

Peel and chop the sweet potato if using fresh. Add to a pan with some boiling water (enough to cover them all), the stock cube and curry powder. Heat until the sweet potato is soft enough to blend. Add half a tin of coconut milk (or enough to make the soup the right consistency).  Blend until smooth. Reheat. Garnish with a spoon of creme fraiche, a generous squeeze of lime juice and some coriander leaves. Enjoy!



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  • this really is super easy and really delicious too! thank you!

    olivia b

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