The extinction of animals & what you can do to help....

I watched this fascinating documentary on bbc1 the other night: Extinction: the facts, with David Attenborough. While brilliant, it was also totally terrifying to hear about the rate at which so many species are disappearing, forever, mainly because we are destroying their habitats to grow our food. That's species that have taken thousands and even millions of years to evolve, to disappear in the blink of an eye, because of our behaviour. So what can we do about it?

- Eat less meat: large areas of planet (the habitats of wild animals) are continually being destroyed in order to house grazing animals that we eat. 

- Buy food that has been sustainably sourced and produced. In particular be careful when buying soya based products, coffee and palm oil.

- Buy clothes have have been sustainably produced. 

- Donate to conservation charities such as the WWF

-  Recycle, and use recycled products

- Use less paper

- Plant a tree: there are various organisations, I use: Ecologi

99% of the products (soon to be 100%!) I sell on my site have been produced sustainably and ethically, and my little business pays for 48 trees to be planted every month, via Ecologi

Lucy x


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